Are you a real psych fan!?!

Please do this quiz if your a psych fan because its amazing! really amazing so do this quiz cause its amazing! well the show I'm not sure how amazing the quiz is?

I'm just goingto say random things Life is amazinf I love pie fruit random things like computers psych purple panda? I don't know candy canes and stuff like that

Created by: Clara Jade

  1. How does Shawn (In the first episode) How does he tell the police how he did it?
  2. What's Lassiter's girlfriend's name?
  3. In witch episode does henry get shot by a crazy old guy?
  4. Witch episode does Gus go crazy for candy?
  5. How many episodes are there of Psych?
  6. What episode is the 2nd episode of the 7th season Juliet takes a Luvvah
  7. When did psych start?
  8. When did psych end?
  9. Who does Gus start to date in the 7th season fro ma dating web cite?
  10. Who plays Juliet O'Hara?
  11. In witch episode does Gus and Shawn and Rachael play mini golf

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Quiz topic: Am I a real psych fan!?!