are you a real Belieber?

This quiz is about how much of a Justin Bieber fan you are.Iam a huge huge huge belieber and am trying to spread the word.He is amazing in each and every way.

Are you a true jb fan well put your knowledge to the test!! Do you have the facts to finish this test??in just a few seconds you will see how much of a fan you are!!!!!!

Created by: Farren bieber
  1. What is his favorite food?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. What is his favorite somg from his album Believe?
  4. What is his middle name?
  5. Who is his number one idol of alll time?
  6. What instrument can he play?
  7. What is probably his most favorite word?
  8. What is his favorite sport?
  9. Where is he from?
  10. What two stars fought over being justins mentor?
  11. How was Justin discovered?
  12. The ultimate question.....who is jerry??

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Belieber?