Are You a Ravenclaw??

Ther are many Ravenclaws in the world and you may as well be one. Try this simple little quiz to find out your fate in Hogwarts. Will you be smart a stupid? The answer lies here.

Do you think you are a Ravenclaw? Do you think you are smart enough to be in my House? If you do., take my quiz. Answer a few simple questione to find out.

Created by: Luna Lovegood

  1. What is Harry Potter's middle name?
  2. What house was Minerva McGonagall in?
  3. What is Ravenclaw House's symbol?
  4. How many Horocruxes are there?
  5. What did Nyphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin name their son?
  6. What house was Dumbledore in??
  7. What house are you in?
  8. Who opened up the Chamber of Secrets the second time it was opened??
  9. How many Houses are there??
  10. Random question: do you like bunnies?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Ravenclaw??