Are you a Racist?

This is a quiz that you can take to determine your racist tendencies. Are you a racist, somewhat racist, or just rosy and loving of all. Give it a shot and find out. I promise you'll find it interesting.

So, are YOU a racist? After taking this quiz, which was compiled from scores of studies and examples of other quizzes, you may be surprised. Take it and find out. This quiz will make you think, if nothing else, and hopefully spur you on to think freely and research and question everything.

Created by: Jason

  1. Do you believe your race is superior to all other races?
  2. Do you believe blacks commit more violent crimes than other races?
  3. Do you feel that David Duke is a hate-filled racist bigot?
  4. Is Affirmative Action a good thing for our country?
  5. Is Martin Luther King a national hero for African Americans?
  6. Are whites inherently smarter with greater learning ability than blacks?
  7. Was Malcom X a patriot of black rights and equal treatment of all people?
  8. Are groups like European Americans United, National Alliance and EURO a bunch of Neo-Nazis?
  9. Do you think the Holocaust was the worst event in human history and should be memorialized, or can some of the details be questioned and re-evaluated?
  10. Are Jews in control of the media and banks?
  11. Do you prefer to be with your own race?
  12. Should the US strive to be more multicultural, even if it means some races or ethnicities are no longer in the majority?
  13. Finally, do you consider yourself a racist?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Racist?