Are You a Pyromancer or Cyromancer?

Ah, the temperatures. Some argue that the cold is more calming. Others say the heat is where the beat comes in. A lot of this depends on the climate of your region.

Have you wondered if you were of an icy breed? Or if your fiery attitude means something, something that no-one ever cared about or expected? Well, here you are! Do us proud!

Created by: Aaron Hou

  1. Which of the two opposite seasons is your favorite?
  2. Grizzly bears or polar bears?
  3. Heater or AC?
  4. Choose a pun.
  5. Desert or polar region?
  6. Warm colors or cool colors?
  7. Sun or moon (no, not Pokemon)
  8. RP:Stop fighting, you two!
  9. Burning or hypothermia?
  10. What if I told you you are gonna get a result?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pyromancer or Cyromancer?