Are you a pure princess

Hello Modesto y9u. Might not be a princess or right now but what about the future if you scoar perfect princess you'll get good luck and then find out your a princess

Are you a princess do you have good manners are you sociall beautiful unselfish nice caring chosse helping people over makeup are popular kind a good friend

Created by: Sapphire

  1. What nail pant do you prefer
  2. Evey body hates this question but what's your fave colour
  3. Where will you like to go on holiday
  4. What Jewel do you like the best
  5. Do you like princesses
  6. Hhxhefhxhxkfgcufhjffjuhdzg&Uf
  7. What is your room
  8. Let's pretend you at a princess ball what are you wearing
  9. Where would I find you
  10. Need to eat
  11. I want to be a princess so if you want to be a perfect princess first sept read the princess hand book have you read it
  12. Simple question are you beautiful
  13. Do you feel happy a about being a princess

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Quiz topic: Am I a pure princess