Are you a good Princess?

Ever wonder how you would do in royalty? Now is your chance to see! Are you a good princess? Or would you do better as a peasant helping her fellow poor people?

It may be hard sometimes at choosing with way it right, and which is wrong. Only you can pick the way everything has to work out. You can get help from your friends, but most of the time, it has to be only you!

Created by: Rebekah621

  1. A servant comes into your room to help you get dressed for the day, what do you do?
  2. A maid comes in to fill up your bath, what now?
  3. Your mother tells you that there is a ball about to happen, you must come down and greet the guests. What is your answer?
  4. You are sitting at your dinner table and a servant spills some wine on your beautiful new dress. What is your response to that person?
  5. You are in the most boring history lesson ever! Your best friend sneaks over to the door and motions for you to come with her. What is your choice?
  6. Oh no! Robbers break into the castle while your asleep, and take your parents hostage. They demand of ransome of 1,000,000 dollars. If your give them what they want, the whole town will become bankrupted. If not, you will never see your parents again. What should happen?
  7. Your mother makes your chose between two men to marry. The first one is rich, but old. The second is young, but not that rich. If you marry the rich one, your city will prosper, but you will never love him. If you marry the poor one, you will have love, but your town will have to give money to you. Which one?
  8. What should help you calm down?
  9. When you go outside the castle, people always tell you their troubles and ask you to help them. What should you do?
  10. You are riding in the wood on your horse, suddenly, you see a panther stalking a little girl. What do you do?

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