What Sandwing Princess are you?

Hi! Are you a WoF fan? Have you ever wondered what Sandwing princess are you? Well then, this is the quiz for you! This quiz will help you discover your inner Sandwing princess!

Are you bold and ruthless like Princess Burn, conniving and intelligent like Princess Blister or a bit self absorbed and silly like Princess Blaze? Good luck!

Created by: lilbyte2010
  1. Hi! (:
  2. Oh no! Your mom was just murdered! BUT… now you have a chance to be queen! How do you react?
  3. Your in a war now! Who do you ally with?
  4. The Dragonets of Destiny are in you claws! What do you do with them?
  5. Would you murder anyone?
  6. Say you became queen and had a egg with a female dragonet in it. What do you do?
  7. Who do want to get? (No effect)
  8. Who would your friends say you are?
  9. Bye! (:
  10. Did you like quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Sandwing Princess am I?