Are you a procrastinator

Procrastinating is putting things off some people like to get things done, but some people don't. Pie, Bananas, Monkeys, Elephants. It should just be 100 characters.

Are you a procrastinator? You might be one without knowing it. Do you get things done? Find out by taking this quiz. Pie, Cake, Bananas, Monkeys, Elephants.

Created by: Zack Ben Logan Gideon Scott

  1. f u n what does that spell
  2. If you are located perfectly on a couch, which food item will you choose to eat?
  3. What is a book?
  4. What is your favorite flavor of pie?
  5. did peter piper pick or pack the purple pickled peepers?
  6. obama?
  7. favorite fast food joint?
  8. Are you a procrastinator?
  9. What are you thinking about?
  10. Did you eat my sandwich.

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Quiz topic: Am I a procrastinator