are you a predator? or prey?

there are predators and prey in this world. come take this quiz to see which you are. take it. if you are not scared to see what you will get. take it. i dare you

here only! come see if you are a predator or if you are prey. it is just a short, fourteen minus one question test. find out if you are a predator or prey right now!

Created by: katelyna31

  1. you are new to the school. the worst bully comes to you. what do you do?
  2. you some how got into a school fight. you...
  3. what do you think you will get?
  4. there is a party going on and you are not invited. you...
  5. you are trying to get to this new ride but the line is way to long. you...
  6. a bully steals your favorite toy. you...
  7. you like to watch...
  8. someone dares you to be nice for a whole day is this challenging?
  9. you describe yourself as
  10. you like..
  11. last question. (maybe) what did you think of this quiz?
  12. if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

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Quiz topic: Am I a predator? or prey?