Are You a Pokemon?

Some people are pokemon,(ecpecally me) but some are not. What is a pokemon? It is a creature that battles to protect there owner. If you got "a pokemon", go to what eevee evoltion am I? And see if your an eevee lution. Eevee lution are stronger pokemon.

And last, did you like this?

Created by: layla

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  1. do you like to battle?
  2. do you even like pokemon?
  3. can you attack in different ways?(example, in water land rocks)
  4. do people attack you?
  5. after a long battle do you give up?
  6. do you have a worst enemy? i do
  7. does some one call you to a battle to help there freind and tells you what moves you do? for me he says, kitty kat mode! i know i spelled kat wrong on purrpose get it? purr-pose?
  8. do you have any pokemon games for xbox360, wii ds, gameboy, or playstation? and gamecube. so you know how to act like a pokemon?(forgot computer)
  9. do your freinds think your tough?
  10. and last, did you like this?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pokemon?