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  • Ali-Steve? Steve- yes Ali? Ali- I'm moving Steve- where Colorado, Oklahoma, New York? Ali- No to heaven Steve- What?
    Ali- Look I have cancer Steve- I want kiss you Ali! Ali- Were just friends! Steve takes off Ali's jacket at he kisses her. Ali dies in his arms. Steve- NO what have I done? Steve cries as a tear touches her body and she comes back to life! They got married and had a baby 2 sons and 1 daughter! Post This on 10 other quizzes and your friend which is a boy will want to marry you!

    otty Jul 26 '15, 2:44PM
  • Hey,I got a message for you:)

    "Together or apart you are NEVER in my heart" :) enjoy

    merlinea Jun 15 '15, 2:35PM
  • Well, it was amusing, a bit repetitive. The funny thing is, I am in fact a poet abd a writerand your quiz claimed I was a bum. It was, again, funny. I only have one suggestion, and that is, work on your grammar.

    arrowparlouzer Sep 13 '14, 2:23AM

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