Are you a Pirates of the Carribean freak?

There are some movie freaks out there. In manys eyes Pirates of the Carribean is a great movie. In your eyes is it better than great? Are you an absolute pirates FREAK?!? I am thats why I made this Quiz

Are You A FREAK for the movies Pirates of the Carribean, Are you up to taking this quiz that tests your knowledge based entirely on the movies? In a few moments you will find out.

Created by: Jakob

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  1. What is the pirate port in the second movie called
  2. What beast must Jack Sparrow and his crew face in the second film?
  3. Who is Captain T?
  4. What is the last line said by Jack Sparrow in the third movie?
  5. What does Will Turner teach Jack about the prison bars in the first movie?
  6. Who is appionted the king of the bretheren court in the third movie?
  7. Fill in the blank: "Dead men tell__ tales"
  8. What does "raise the colors" mean?
  9. Who is Colypso?
  10. What is the most essential thing(s) a pirate needs

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pirates of the Carribean freak?