Are you a Olympian/Titan/Monster/Creature/Nymph/etc?

Greek mythology is an amazing compilation of some of the greatest attempts to explain the natural and unnatural events in the world at the time of the Greeks. They left behind a library of amazing epics, poetry, fables, and stories from which we are given a new world.

What might you be in that world? Are you an Olympian who rules the skies? A Titan who seeks to overthrow the Olympians? A Human who pays tributes to the gods? A Hero who wins the favor of both gods and humans? A Spirit of the land? Or a monster of destruction?

Created by: EraZ3712

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  1. What color do you believe represents you the best?
  2. What element fits you the best? Earth>Fire>Wind>Water>Earth Aether and Time are on an entirely different level.
  3. Should a time of peril and danger arise, and both humans and gods take arms in battle, what will you be?
  4. I hate you.
  5. I love you.
  6. Judgement.
  7. The truth, or hidden secrets?
  8. Is this quiz worth taking?
  9. What is the ideal question?
  10. What do you wish to be?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Olympian/Titan/Monster/Creature/Nymph/etc?