Are you a noob?

Take this quiz if you play modern warfare 2. Other quizez may soon be avalible. This is a quiz of skill by testing how you play. If you are a noob or a pro. Please be honest with you're answers

Created by: theepan
  1. What is you're K.D?
  2. Which perk do you prefer?
  3. Do you nube-tube
  4. Which Perk would you use with the Augbar?
  5. What is you're favourite type of gun in Derail
  6. What attachment do you use for a sniper?
  7. Do You CAMP?
  8. What is you're favorite game type?
  9. What is you,re favorite assualt rifle
  10. Do you play on default?
  11. What is you're favourite map?

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Quiz topic: Am I a noob?