Are You A Nice Person?

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There are many ways to get someone to like u, BUT kindness is the absolute best! it ALWAYS works, and it is truly a good thing! always have courage and be kind like cinderella!

because u would not want someone to be mean to U so don't do that to them! if someone puts u down, don't feel bad! KNOW that as long as u are a good person, that does NOT matter what they say!

Created by: Queen of Animal jam
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  1. You on accident bump into someone on your way somewhere. What so you say?
  2. How often do you compliment people?
  3. Someone goes up to you and says you are pretty, what do you say?
  4. What do you say about YOURSELF?
  5. You see someone that is not very nice to you and says something mean to your BFF. What do u do?
  6. You have a friend and one day she has B.O. Do u tell her?
  7. You see a girl who's outfit you don't PARTICULARLY like. what do u do?
  8. There is a new kid at school/ in town, and they don't have any friends. what do u do
  9. A teacher at school gets u in trouble what do u do
  10. Someone is mean to u. u...

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Quiz topic: Am I A Nice Person?