Are You A nerd?

This is my first quiz.I was motivated after seing other classmates blog, i could not really thing of a topic so i used NERD.Only thoese who answer with truth will find out.

The questions will ask about your lifestyle, your school life, and how you spend your time.If realuts come out as a nerd,no offence. I hope you enjoy my quiz.

Created by: Apro

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  1. 1. Do you get good Grades?
  2. Do You prefer to stay at home then go out if your friends ask you to
  3. Do you prefer wearing shorts or long pants
  4. When given money do you:
  5. Do you always wear the same thing?
  6. Would You rather play with:
  7. If you see a bug, will you:
  8. Do you get bullied?
  9. Are you a nerd?
  10. Do your friends always call your actions 'LAME'?

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Quiz topic: Am I A nerd?