are you a nerd jock or anything else?

are you a nerd geek and so on. what is a nerd a nerd is a very good boy and thats what you call a goody goody or a teachers pet and see the questions everybody will love so TAKE MY QUIZ!

are YOU a nerd? maybe geek or whatever is in the quiz wanna find out THEN go on my quiz.ok i was kidding but im being serious go on the 'are you a nerd jock or anything else?

Created by: oliver
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like school?
  2. do you beat people up?
  3. do u like nerds?
  4. do(did) you ever wear your school shirt?
  5. are you strong?
  6. do u listen to your teachers?
  7. are u tall?
  8. do you clime out the window when the teacher aint looking?
  9. do you think youve done good?
  10. do u go to school late?

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Quiz topic: Am I a nerd jock or anything else?