are you a naruto fan?

You might be the genuis that knows all about naruto well take this quiz and find out. If your not a genuis it's ok then your a average GOOD LUCK well actually it's easy

Are YOU a genuis?? Do you have the power and knoladge that knows all about naruto?? well take this quiz and find out. hope you do good and if you don't don't get all crazy lol

Created by: Chantal

  1. how old is sasuke?
  2. when's sasuke's birthday?
  3. who <3 Sasuke?
  4. how does choji get more chakra?
  5. what is hinata's and neji's last name?
  6. who is the forth hokage?
  7. what is naruto's regestration #?
  8. who is the oldest out of naruto,sakura,and sasuke?
  9. what is ten ten's blood type?
  10. who killed Zabuza?

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Quiz topic: Am I a naruto fan?