are you a mermaid?

there are loads of people who could be mermaids.but if you want to find out if you are a mermaid please take my quiz and you never know you could be a mermaid.

your a mermaid?but your just not sure.well take my quiz and hopefully you will find out what you really are.cmon have a go there is only one hard question in here!

Created by: sophia of
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  1. what would your tail colour be?
  2. how many mermaids are left?
  3. how fast can a mermaid go?
  4. are all mermaids kind
  5. what does a siren do?
  6. how do mermaids breath under water?
  7. what happens to a mermaid when she goes on land(HARD)
  8. i dunno what to put next so...what do you do if you see a big black dog barking at you?
  9. what do you do if you computer/laptop gets a virus
  10. what do you do if you find a Monkey FishGirrafeAnt?
  11. are you popular?
  12. are you a hvuujvsiuguihfihhiuiw?
  13. are you enjoying the sun
  14. bye every one.bye the more question for you bom bom bom got any grapes ha ha duck song.

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Quiz topic: Am I a mermaid?