Are you a Mega Chub

Are you a mega chub? Do you want to be? try this quiz to find out! No minors 18+ only, includes personal questions about your body! Make sure to comment your score!

If you want to be a mega chub, eat lots of food. Drink your calories and try VHC boosts, about 3 per day. Repeat and watch yourself get bigger and fatter!

Created by: Fatty Lover

  1. What is your weight?
  2. How many rolls of fat do you have, bending over?
  3. How easily do you get out of breath?
  4. Did you get fat on purpose?
  5. When you stand up how much of you can you see? (don't count moobs/breasts)
  6. How would you describe your day?
  7. How would you describe your belly?
  8. If you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you focus on?
  9. What your favourite thing to eat?
  10. Is this sexy to you? Your so fat you can't fit through a door, you stuff yourself repeatedly and need belly rubs frequently. Getting up from bed gets you puffed and you can't wait to get bigger!

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