are you a magical person?

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ooh do you want to know if you are magical? this is it! the place where you find out! this going to be either so much fun!!! or boring... well what are you waiting for? here goes...

every one loves magic, if you can choose to live in a magic world, what would it belike? to find out if you are magical, take this quiz and find out!!

Created by: Elle
  1. if you are going to have only one teacher for the rest of the school year what would he/she be like?
  2. pick a group of animal below:
  3. choose a word
  4. that was the last question i could think of!
  5. oh yeah! one more question
  6. you were at a party and someone put poison in a jug of water and everyone in the partydrank it. only you have the cure to the poison. what do you do?
  7. choose a colour that matches the word "amazing"
  8. do you believe in gods or something?
  9. how big is your imagination?
  10. this is it!

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Quiz topic: Am I a magical person?