Are you a lover or a dreamer? GIRLS ONLY PLEASE! :)

Are you a lover or a dreamer? Some people are both but my quiz only tells you if you are one or the other. FIND OUT by taking my quiz. Do it! Please!?!

Are you a lover or a dreamer take this super col and very random quiz to see if you are or not. Please please please! I didn't work very long on it so, well, its probably crap.

Created by: Kat G.

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  1. do ya daydream?
  2. So, you dreaming now?
  3. how bout now?
  4. do you like cheese?
  5. am i stupid?
  6. hey!
  7. If you answered answer 1 to the last question, your MEAN!!! :(
  8. i just burped.
  9. are you gonna comment (doesnt effect score)
  10. (doesnt effect score again) RATE?

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Quiz topic: Am I a lover or a dreamer? GIRLS ONLY PLEASE! :)