Are you a liar?

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who say they are liars and people who say they are not. They have one thing in common: they're both liars.

Are YOU a liar? Do you think you are? No? That's a lie! You're not even to the quiz yet and you're already failing xD Let's try this again: are you a liar?

Created by: UnLoving

  1. Have you ever lied?
  2. Are you taking this quiz?
  3. Are you filling in little bubble thingies?
  4. Are you on planet Earth?
  5. Do you exist? OuO
  6. Do you inhale and exhale oxygen?
  7. Are you on GTQ?
  8. Are you on a digital device?
  9. Is your heart beating?
  10. Have you ever been on GTQ?
  11. Do you daydream?
  12. Are you alive?
  13. Are you a human being?
  14. Is this quiz biased due to the majority of quiz-taking cats?
  15. Are you taking this quiz?
  16. Have you ever dropped something?
  17. Are you thinking about the word "quiz"?
  18. Did you click on a link to come to this quiz / type in URL?
  19. Did you just think about that link?
  20. Are you a liar?

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Quiz topic: Am I a liar?