Are you a kind person?

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This is a small quiz to see if you are a kind and considerate person. It is up to you what the traits of a good person are, but most people say it depends on thoughtfulness and kindness. To get the most accurate results, please answer truthfully. I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Remember that this is a quiz and it can’t actually tell you if you are a good person, so just be honest and you’ll get the most accurate results. Please rate and comment on this quiz because I’d like your opinion and feedback. Thanks in advance.

Created by: HwelloThere

  1. Before we start the quiz, I need your honest opinion. Do you think that you are a kind person?
  2. Do you often fight with your friends?
  3. Have you ever been told that you are a kind person? (By someone who knows you very well.)
  4. Have you ever given up something really important for someone you love? (Friend, family etc.)
  5. Is it important to listen to what other people have to say?
  6. Would you help someone else with their work?
  7. Do you think that it is possible to change as a person?
  8. How often do you ask people if they are okay?
  9. Is it more important to be loyal or to be fun.
  10. What do you most describe yourself as?

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