Are You A Nice Person?

Are you a kind person? Exactly how kind? Or are you an awful horrible person who everyone hates? Well you'll find out with this quick little quiz, so have a beautiful day!

Remember to do random acts of kindness and be a good person, help out others and things of that sort. Not only is it good karma, but you'll make new friends.

Created by: Secret Person ;)
  1. Have you ever volunteered at a charity?
  2. Have you ever given up your own time to help someone else?
  3. If you are in a Religion, have you ever tried to convert another person of a different belief?
  4. Have you ever nursed an animal back to health?
  5. Have you ever won a game, and shook hands with the losing team and said "Good game."?
  6. Have you ever asked to pay for the next person's coffee/food at a shop or restaurant?
  7. Have you ever donated money to an organization or a charity?
  8. Have you ever baby sat kids (Even family kids) for free?
  9. Have you ever cleaned the house (Not just your room) for your family without being asked to?
  10. Have you ever smiled at someone before?
  11. Have you ever picked up litter?
  12. Have you ever forgiven someone?
  13. Do you hold the door open for other people?
  14. Have you ever donated blood?
  15. Have you ever sent an letter/email to someone just to see how they're doing?
  16. Have you ever donated old clothes to GoodWill?
  17. Have you ever planted a flower or tree?
  18. That's all, have a beautiful day. :)

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