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  • I got 100! Yay im such a horse crazy gal. I wish I had a horse :( I have to wait until I can get a job at my stable and pay for the board. My parents can't afford it. My Dadda

    wants to but me a horse but he ain't got enough money :( this quiz was great! I hope u make more horsey quizzes :D


  • Horses are NOT for me. Why in the world did Europeans bring them to the New World in the first place? They just are big, stupid animals with brains the size of cashews. Anyone who has a problem with me, can go miss my butt!

    Monkey Boy

    Slugger 207
    • b---- why you so horrible horses can be cleaver accually and why did you take the quiz then so theirs no point you beeing on this so i dont get ya so f--- off now

      also horse aare so peice full and loving so get of of here

    • you know why you called your self monkey boy properbly becaurse you look like a mokey proberbly


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