Are you a healthy weight??

Are you fat, too skinny or totally perfect?! Take this awesome quiz to find out bruh!! And remember don't take your score too seriously, only you can decide if you really are perfect.

H . A . V . E . . F . U . N . . D . U . U . D . D . E! (If your concerned about you weight go to a doctor please, don't trust me xD I'm dangerous) :P

Created by: Sarah jane
  1. Do you think you are?
  2. Do you like to eat?
  3. What do you normally eat?
  4. Do you Excercise?
  5. Your favourite fruits?
  6. What weight are you
  7. What size are you in clothes (females from 11 to 15) (Uk)
  8. How big are your thighs?
  9. Do you have a double chin
  10. Are your parents overweight?
  11. Do you play sport
  12. Did you enjoy this?

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Quiz topic: Am I a healthy weight??