Are you a greek god?

Being next in line after a greek god really is something. Imagin what it would be like? The thing is. Only satyrs can recognise a trew heroic greek god.

But. You can't just go looking for a satyr and ask... " Excuse me, but I was just wandering if I am next in line after a greek god?" So try this quiz that can recognise if you are next in line after a greek god!

Created by: Luke
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  1. Who was thrown of olympus for their uglyness
  2. Who is the greek god/goddess of poetry
  3. Who is the evil Titan lord
  4. Whitch god is the son of Zeus
  5. What is your greek name?
  6. Poseidon can speak Ancient greek right? What else can he speak?
  7. Which one of these is a minor god/goddess
  8. If you are a girl, do you think Apollo is cute, or if you are a boy, do you fancy Aphrodite
  9. Who helped Midas lift the golden touch
  10. Which Goddess hated Heracleas

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Quiz topic: Am I a greek god?