Which Greek goddess are you? (Girls only!)

Have you ever wondered what greek godess you might be? This is the quiz where you can find out!

If you are a guy taking this, click out of this RIGHT NOW! You can take the Greek god quiz that is coming soon. As in maybe twenty minutes. Depends on if my computer freezes or not.

Created by: i love wolves
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like hunting?
  2. Do you and your friends obsess over YOU?
  3. Do you have a dark sensation for harvesting?
  4. Have you ever felt like a queen?
  5. Do you like fires?
  6. Are you sure that you're a greek godess?
  7. will you get the guys to take my next greek god quiz (guys only!) ???
  8. Will this make you read the percy jackson seires if you haven't already??
  9. Did you like my stupid quiz?
  10. are you ready to see who you got?

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Quiz topic: Which Greek goddess am I? (Girls only!)