Are You A Good Singer?

This quiz will give you tips on how to be a decent singer. Notice how I didn't say outstanding or good, because you have to get there by yourself. Only your motivation lies in you.

This quiz is unisex, so it doesn't really matter if you're a guy or girl. If you're planning to take on the singing career, perhaps your vocal knowledge is tested here.

Created by: Scarlet_mizuno72
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  1. Well this is an easy question. Do you drink something before singing?
  2. What do you drink before singing? If you chose 'no' above, skip this question.
  3. Do you sit/ stand with straight posture when singing?
  4. What is your vocal range? I'm going to summarize the octaves on different levels.
  5. Do you sing songs in your vocal range?
  6. In a duet, do you balance your voice with the other singer?
  7. Do you sing with your mouth open? (Your mouth is shaped like an 'o')
  8. Ok. Focus on one note for me and vocalize. Sing "Ah...." While you're singing, keep one hand on your stomach. Does your stomach bounce?
  9. If you answered 'no' above, vocalize again. "Ah..." Now touch your throat. Does it vibrate?
  10. Now that you've took a breath from singing, where are you breathing from?
  11. Good job! Let's finish...

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Singer?