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Are you a good owner? You know the website [no urls] this is a quiz to see if your a good owner. It will quiz you are hopefully you get a lot of pets. What is doing it telling you that your lucky to have pets so take care of them.

It can also be for people who have pets. But if you love pet I do say you should go to [no urls] get your pets today my username is Polly213 and then you can take this quiz but still if you just have pets at home take this quiz.

Created by: Sophie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do feed, water and play with your pets ever DAY?
  2. Do you love your pets?
  3. Do you groom them once a week?
  4. Can you handle 20 pets?
  5. Have you ever bored your pet
  6. Have one of your pets gone to the shelter?
  7. Do you think about your pets in your sleep
  8. Did this help you
  9. Will you change the way that you look at pets
  10. Can you take care of pets? If yes, please message Polly213

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Quiz topic: Am I A good Pet owner