are you a good person on the inside

attempt to read my spanish Bueno, gracias por tratar de tomar la prueba, pero no puedes tomarlo si solo te sientas aquí­ tratando de randes mi español. Buen intento, pero dejar de ir y tomar la prueba para que podamos prisa y acabar de una vez.

attempt to read my spanish remar el bote de remo jessica eres demasiado lento y la cascada se encuentra mucho más lejos. Ahora tenemos que girar el bote alrededor. y eso no va a funcionar por lo que ahora sólo vamos a tener que saltar antes de que cayera de la cosa acantilado.

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. if yoy saw a dying person on the street what would you do
  2. while you were sitting on your porch to your house if a little girl about 4 years old came up to you and asked you to take and hide her your house because a killer was cahsing her what would you do
  3. if a nieghbors house was on fire would you help put it out
  4. if someone off the street gave you 1,000,000,000 what would you do
  5. do you tell the truth
  6. have you ever got suspended
  7. do you think you are spoiled
  8. dfo you think you are a good person
  9. are you confident in yourself
  10. well...... goodbye

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Quiz topic: Am I a good person on the inside