Are You a Good Person?

People often think to themselves: am I good? Am I worthy of living this delicate life here on Earth? If you're pondering these heavy questions, than this is the quiz for you.

Are you good? This quiz will answer that loaded question and give feedback based on your answers. "Am I, at my core, a good or bad person?" This quiz will help you to figure that out!

Created by: makayla <3

  1. Have you ever committed a serious felony (murder, robbery, etc)
  2. How often do you swear?
  3. Are you religious?
  4. In a group project, what role do you take?
  5. Do you follow celebrities on social media?
  6. Have you ever talked behind someone's back/ gossiped?
  7. Do you like Buzzfeed?
  8. Let's say someone has done something to hurt you/ betray your trust. If they seem to be very remorseful and feel bad, would you forgive them?
  9. Have you ever done a drug/drank/smoked?
  10. When you commit to something, do you follow through?
  11. Would you consider yourself to be kind?
  12. Do you think you're going to Heaven or Hell?
  13. Finally, would you say you're a good person? BE HONEST!! (I'm watching >:))

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