are you a good friend

there are lots of different kinds of friends. but someone may ask what is a friend? i say a friend is someone who's there for you, and you can laugh with. but that's just me.

are you a good friend? everyone is some kind of friend.after all, your qualities make you who you are!if you want to see if your a good friend, take my quiz and find out! but remember, the web can never tell what or who you are!

Created by: rebecca

  1. does your friend ask you for advice?
  2. do they invite you a lot of places with them?
  3. do they actually listen when you talk to them?
  4. have you ever stole their bf/gf?
  5. have you ever taken something of theirs without permission?
  6. are you trustworthy?
  7. do they seem annoyed of you?
  8. can you be a shoulder to cry on when they need it?
  9. their bf/gf breaks up with them. you...
  10. last question...was my quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend