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  • Are You a Good Best friend?
    Your Result: Your a Great Best Friend

    You are a kind, well thought out person, who loves to hang out with your bestie, she or he is one of your main priorities you share a great bond and will most likely be friends for ever, you have very few arguments and when you do you make up in a day at the longest, you miss each other when you away and you always think of each other first, you a perfect match and you’re a great best friend good job!

    You a Good Best Friend
    Your an Alright bestie 50%
    Fair Weathered Friend

    lol. good quiz, me and my bf do almost everything together. she is soooo nice. we give eachother lots of things for no reason. one time when i went over her house, we gave eachother like 15 gifts! i need to get her more cause, some of the things i gave her were small so i felt like a douche. lol

    x aka mrlq x
  • im a great best friend ive known my best friend since the day i was born and we talk or hangout with eachother everyday because shes my neighbor to and she goes to my school so its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm a good best friend. Good to know!

  • i love being a great best friend =D it makes me feel good about myself!!!!!!!

  • GREAT! i'm a great best friend. imma go tell her right now!


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