Are You A Girly Girl OR Tomboy?

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First off, this quiz is for girls only! It wouldn't make sense for boys to take this. Anyways, this quiz is going to tell you if you are a Tomboy or a Girly Girl. Have Fun!

There are many girls in the world. Some girly, some tomboy. Which one are you? Take this amazing quiz to find out! It only costs a dollar! (laughs) Just kidding. Have fun!

Created by: Drewsilla
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your favorite thing to do?
  3. What is your opinion on makeup and how much do you wear?
  4. What is your opinion on mud?
  5. What object do you prefer?
  6. How is your average schedule?
  7. Who/What is your worst enemy?
  8. What word do you usually use for agreement? (Example: That new Kim Kardashian outfit is so hot!)
  9. Thank you for taking my quiz. Please comment and rate!
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I A Girly Girl OR Tomboy?