Are you a tomboy, girly-girl, or inbetween? Accurate!!!

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Some people are girly-girls, some are tomboys. And then there's the kind who are a bit of both. Some people like painting nails, some like climbing trees, and so forth.

Are YOU a girly-girl, or are you a tomboy? Or maybe you're a bit of both? In-between? Take this quiz to find out!!! Thanks again! Be yourself, P.L.D.

Created by: P.L.N.
  1. Pick your favorite:
  2. You are dared to stick your hand in the toilet. You:
  3. If you lived/do live in the country, what would/is one thing you would/do dislike about it:
  4. Your mom says it's time to go shopping for new clothes. You're most likely to get:
  5. You have to go SHOPPING. You:
  6. Would you rather be:
  7. Which do you think you are? Be honest!
  8. What shoes are your favorite?
  9. What's your favorite sport?
  10. Which dog would you choose?
  11. What book would you most likely read?
  12. For Halloween you would most likely be what?
  13. Your friends describe you as:
  14. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a tomboy, girly-girl, or inbetween? Accurate!!!