Are You A Geek or cool

Are you a geek,cool,ok normal a geek is a bit different then over people so if you are one then i suggest you get some help i wish you luck though have fun and make sure you answer truthully or the gulit wont be very nice

ARE YOU a geek in this fun quiz you will find out please take it all my friends and i made it i wish you luck and answer truthully or the guilt wont be very nice so have fun and make sure you dont worry too much about your score

Created by: Beth of agame
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  1. Pick One
  2. Do you think you are a geek
  3. Are you pretty/good looking
  4. Do you have friends
  5. Your favourite tv program
  6. Are you a teachers pet
  7. Do u bath/shower often
  8. have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend
  9. Whichname do you like best
  10. are you hott

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Quiz topic: Am I A Geek or cool