Are you a follower of Jesus

This quiz is about your relationship with Jesus because it is good to see what your relationship is with Your KING and RULER so ya go for it and see what you have been working on.

Is your relationship good with Jesus to find out take this quiz and if you get bad makes you can go to church and learn more about Jesus and then back and see how you have inproved.

Created by: Samantha

  1. Do you believe in jesus
  2. Is jesus your Ruler
  3. Do you go to church
  4. Do you listen to cristian music
  5. Do you know the real meaning of christmas
  6. Why was jesus created
  7. Are you nice to people
  8. Are you a bully
  9. Do you go to a school with religion
  10. Do you pray

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Quiz topic: Am I a follower of Jesus