The Story of Jesus basics

Do you know Jesus? Do you read your bible? Have you ever heard the Christmas story? Well heres your chance to prove that you actually know what they are talking about in church on Christmas Eve.

Not only will this quiz go a little more in depth than your average quiz but it will show you just how close you are to going to jk just take it i made it for a class grade.

Created by: Sky

  1. Where was king Herod from?
  2. Who was Zechariahs wife?
  3. What was the name of Elizabeths son?
  4. What house line did Joseph belong to?
  5. Where was the prophetess Anna from?
  6. When they found Jesus at the temple, what was he doing?
  7. How long had Tiberius Ceasar been reigning during this time?
  8. Who baptized Jesus
  9. At what age did Jesus begin his ministry
  10. What does genealogy mean?
  11. Who does Jesus' genealogy start with in Matthew?
  12. What does Immanuel mean?
  13. What are magi?
  14. Where was the Messiah born?
  15. Where did Jesus and his family escape to?
  16. Where did John the Baptist preach?
  17. What river was Jesus baptized in?
  18. What did Gods spirit descend down like?
  19. What was the name of Marys son?
  20. What were John the Baptist clothes made of?

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