How much do you know about Jesus?

Many people claim to know Jesus, but how well do you actually know Jesus? You may discover that you actually know Jesus more than your bargained for. Jesus is quite a character and can often surprise you, especially on your birthday.

Hold your breath (don't really), hang on tight (you don't have to, but it would be nice), and get ready to take the Jesus-knowing ride! All arms and legs and bracelets must be kept inside the Jesus ride at all times. No spitting.

Created by: tomatorama of My Livejournal
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  1. What is Jesus' favourite flavour of ice cream?
  2. What kind of ride does he have?
  3. What is Jesus' favourite luxury to treat himself to?
  4. What brand does Jesus use on his hair?
  5. Who is his favourite Harry Potter character?
  6. What is Jesus hoping for for his birthday? (Hurry up, it's soon!)
  7. What time is it?
  8. What is Jesus' favourite animal?
  9. Who has Jesus seen in concert more times than anybody else?
  10. Jesus makes you a mix tape. What does he put on end to fill the short space?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Jesus?