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This is just a quiz if you're a FNAF fan. Please check out my other quizez so I can level up faster. If you check my quizez I'll check yours out if you have any.

Are you a fan of the horror franchise. FNAF then take my quiz today to test your skill of knowledge on this game. If your a huge fan this quiz will be easy.

Created by: Bonnie Fan

  1. Who created the game
  2. What genre is the game
  3. Who's inside Springtrap
  4. How many games are there in 2016 before fall
  5. Is there going to be a new game in 2016
  6. How many animatronics are in FNAF 2
  7. What gender does bonnie have
  8. How many animatronics are in FNAF 3
  9. What are the animatronics called in FNAF 4
  10. Which animatronic has two jumpscares in FNAF 1
  11. What gender is Chica
  12. What does FNAF stand for
  13. Bye (Doesn't affect your score)

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