Are you a fatty?

This quiz will tell you if you are not healthy or healthy.These questions will base off your answer so answer truthfully!Comment if you like this quiz

Are you a fatty!?Take this quiz to find out now,i have tried to make none offensive questions.This quiz will help you make better life choices for your healthy habits.

Created by: MayRose

  1. What's your'e regular snack?
  2. How much do you excercise a week?
  3. When you look down, do you see your feet?
  4. Do you have a double chin?
  5. What size clothes do you wear...( I won't tell anyone)
  6. Do your jeans fit right?
  7. How often do you eat fast food?
  8. How often do you go outside?
  9. Do you feel sluggish?
  10. What do you think of this quiz?(this wont effect your answer)

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Quiz topic: Am I a fatty?