Are you a family person

People say there a great and i mean great family person but do you want to know the real family guy or gal inside of you. Are you social or shy are kind or rude. WHO ARE YOU!! ARE YOU A FAMILY GUY!!

Are YOU a family person. Do you have family gatherings all the time or do you have an awful relationship with your relatives find out just by clicking of my awesome quiz!!

Created by: Lamisa

  1. How many people do you now from your family tree including great grandmas, aunts, great aunt, sisters etc
  2. Whats a family reunion?
  3. Did u invite relatives to you parties or weddings
  4. Do you personally think your a family person?
  5. Be honest what is your personality
  6. Do you love your parent or are u embarrased infront of them
  7. do you have lots of relatives all over the world?
  8. Whats a great aunt
  9. did you ever go to a family event
  10. Rate this quiz from a scale of 1-10

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Quiz topic: Am I a family person