Are you a evil warrior cat?

Are YOU a evil cat?Try to find out here.But if you dont know S*** about Warrior cats dont come here.But if you really wanna try ..try its a test too.So take the test..

Do you read warriors?If so you know all the evil cats Tigerstar,Darkstripe and Scourge.Take the test to see who you are.If you dont know anything about the cats...try

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  1. If you could kill Firestar how world you kill him?
  2. If you would kill a cat ho would you kill?
  3. If you hatted everyone but your friends.Then one of your friends betray you,you..
  4. If you would pick a pelt color it would be
  5. If you saw a kit you..
  6. If you eyes were a color that color would be
  7. If you had scars where would they be?
  8. If you were leader you would..
  9. If you were cold hearted you..
  10. If you had kits who would you be with

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Quiz topic: Am I a evil warrior cat?