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This will explain if your emo or not. I am a emo and im sorta a expert and this is my first quiz I made so hopefully it will work the way I want it to work.

Emo is a style to some. But others think its a threat or a person has to cut themselves just to make them emo? No it dont work like that. Emo people dont cut themselves only other emos do.

Created by: Stranger Emo

  1. Do you listen to these emo bands Black Veil Brides My chemical Romance Fall out boy Twenty One pilots Panic! At the disco
  2. Do you have black hair thats swiped to your eye?
  3. Do you shop at hot topic to get awesome band tees or go to a thrift store?
  4. Do you get depressed easily?
  5. What do you think of the Emo god #2
  6. What do you think about Normal people?
  7. Do you hate your parents?
  8. Do you....cut yourself?
  9. Do you watch these emo YouTubers? Your Brand new obessesion Johnnie Guilbert Crankthatfrank Alex Dorame
  10. Okay quiz is over now.

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