Are you a Demon or Angel?

Angels and Demons roam this earth whether you believe it or not THEY exist.You can test that theory by switching OFF and ON a light because when everything dimmers down the presence change

But right here and now You wanna know if you actually bad or if you an actually good person and who else better to impersonate than the Angel and Devil him self. Shall we begin?

Created by: Naaiemah
  1. If your mother was in danger and you have the ability to save her would you?
  2. Vodka or Tea
  3. Are you Religious?
  4. Justin Bieber or Marilyn Manson
  5. Lights on or Lights off?
  6. Can you tell a good lie ?
  7. Favourite serial killer
  8. Eat a baby or Eat your own Vomit?
  9. Conceited or Humble?
  10. Help the puppies or the Bar that's getting shut down due to bad business
  11. Favourite movie?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Demon or Angel?