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  • look here you right wing jackass George bush and the republicans have put another country into debt and started a war and you still support the republicans, the republicans are a big stupid clusterf--- of a political party.

    slicksickage77 Aug 7 '15, 6:44AM
  • Better name for this quiz. Are you an extremist or are you a distorted delusion of a democrat from the twisted mind of Alex Jones

    pandemic195 May 15 '13, 4:22PM
  • Democrats are fails at life

    James Bond Feb 16 '12, 11:39PM
  • Whoo Republican all the way

    James Bond Feb 16 '12, 11:39PM
  • This quiz is compleatly insensetive and mean, im a democrat. we arent horrible people. we are just open minded. the reason for all this controversy in the united states is because of people like you. The political parties need to learn to deal with each other. soon.

    libreallady210 Jun 14 '11, 1:44PM

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