Are you a Demigod quiz

A demigod is a person who half god and half mortal they an be dangerouse but they can be good people to. If you are one hope you don't have strong aura.

Are you demigod? Well find out and see if you really are. You might want to be one but you don't want to be. Just take this quiz and find. It is time to reveal the truth.

Created by: Lilly
  1. Do have ADHD?
  2. Do your teachers ever give you an evil stare?
  3. Do you vivid nightmares?
  4. Are you afraid of any of these spiders, height, and nitemares
  5. Do any of friends have puffy hair?
  6. Do you like greek mytholegy?
  7. Have you read all the Percy Jackson book?
  8. Have you moved a lot?
  9. Do you think you are a demigod?
  10. Have expirents any evets that you think are a little strange.

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